Management Advisory

Management Advisory NMAH

Our Approach

The business / economic space is undergoing transformational change with major sectors taking up the disruption challenge. The continuous policy reforms are creating challenge as well as providing new opportunities to business. Periods of disruption or otherwise, continuous forward momentum which a business has to take for the next leap is the need of the hour. Our Advisory team help’s you to effectively deal the times marked by turbulence as well as the times of the silent movements towards evolution in the dynamic situations businesses operate today.

Our Advisory Services team with its in depth experience of understanding the issues on hand, with a drive to create solutions around the issue and delivering value, assist the business in having sustainable existence, growth and expansion.

Our Management Advisory Services

  • Diagnostic review of the financial health of the business for revival / resurgence / growth of the business
  • Business operations & financial risk assessment and mitigation solutions
  • Financial modelling for long term as well as short term plans in alignment with the vision / mission of the business
  • Project cost / expenditure reviews
  • Comprehensive financial due diligence
  • Change / transition management
  • Procurement management & advisory
  • Developing standard operating process modules
  • Development & implementation of parameterized matrix models for pricing and commercial decision making